This is a selection of (what I think, anyway) are the most interesting projects I've worked on over the past few years.

Pretty much all of my experience is agency-side – a bunch of that was in San Francisco as a Creative Director at big digital agencies like Organic and Digitas where I worked on GAP, Banana Republic, Dell and Home Depot. You won’t see any of that work below because it’s ancient. A few years ago I moved back to Toronto, where I currently live.

But wait, there's more...

In Toronto I spent a few years as a CD at both digital and ‘integrated’ agencies. It was always hard to get digital work done really well – to the level of finish that's just kind of expected with print and broadcast. (Actually, it’s still kind of hard. I mean, should it really still be this hard?) So I started my own thing, helping agencies and brands get digital work done, and done well.

The production world has shown me a different side of the business. It’s more about the details of perfecting the work. And coming up with fun and interesting ways to create something (if you have the budget) or thinking through more 'pragmatic' alternatives (if the money’s not there). Aside from generally creative director-ing, I’ve also become pretty good at understanding the business side of the business.

About the work below – sometimes these things lived for a short time. Sometimes they depended on a host of other ridiculously intricate minutiae to work properly and promptly broke if moved. But I usually have some pretty decent videos or stills that help tell the story.

Recent(ish) Work

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